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Featured Products

ProductCode: BSC-0396

ProductName: Nose pot

Dimension: 4*4

Price: ₹Ask Price

ProductCode: BSC-0395

ProductName: Small line planter

Dimension: 4*4

Price: ₹Ask Price

ProductCode: BSC-0394

ProductName: Line Big Pz

Dimension: 4*4

Price: ₹Ask Price

ProductCode: BSC-0373

ProductName: Table top Work

Dimension: 300 ML

Price: ₹65

ProductCode: BSC-0359

ProductName: Ceramic White Planter

Dimension: 4 inches

Price: ₹Ask Price

ProductCode: BSC-0304

ProductName: Egg Cut Knz

Dimension: H:5 inch, L:4 inch, w:4 inch

Price: ₹95

ProductCode: BSC-0301

ProductName: Lady Face

Dimension: H:6 inch, Dia:3 inch, Dia:3 inch

Price: ₹65

ProductCode: BSC-0300

ProductName: Owl New Med

Dimension: H:6 inch, Dia:4.5 inch, W:4.5 inch

Price: ₹100

About Blue Stone Ceramics

Blue Stone Ceramics is the torch-bearer high quality ceramic products manufacturer since 20 years. The ceramics industry in India is on high demand as it produces the world’s finest, delicate, and classy crockery and show pieces. As finest they are, higher is the price. Now, ceramics has its value always as a form of art and also creates an industry. Our ceramics craft is recognized, certified, by the central government research center on our location and as a pioneer of ceramics home decor, we are famous for their magnificent design and different creations from ceramic with consistency in manufacturing of ceramic handmade pottery and soft crockery in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours.

Blue Stone ceramic products are famous for their beautiful design and different creations from ceramic. As a quality supplier and manufacturer of ceramics, we participate in India’s leading annual trade fair and conference for ceramic and manufacturing Industry in competence with all leading companies which showcases a wide range of ceramic products including Ceramic Table Top, Kitchenware, Ceramics Vases, Bonsai Tray, Aroma diffuser, Ceramic Outdoor Pots, Ceramic Table Top planters, and Ceramic Mug etc. This involves latest machinery, high quality raw materials, analysis and laboratory equipment, technical ceramics, equipment for storage, materials handling and much more used in the ceramics industry. Many craftsmen make this craft as a profession But Blue stone team take it as a hobby thereby creating job opportunity for others. Being focused on kitchenware including mugs, cups, coffee mugs, ceramic pots, planters, aroma diffuser and ceramic vases that are used for decoration, we found that the products are sold more in India but also exported to different parts of the world.

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